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  High Current Rectifiers  
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High Current Rectifiers
HCR Metal Finishing Application
Battery Formation & Test Equipments
Electrochemical Application
HCR Special Application
High Current Rectifiers
Powercon High Current Rectifiers are used in a variety of industrial applications such as Electroplating, Electro coloring, Magnetization, Hydrogenation, Electro winning, Capacitor Film Formation, Cathodic Protection, Anodizing, ED Coating (Painting), Chlorination, Water Treatment, Battery Formation, Electro – heating and special applications such as plasma, defence and on-board vehicle applications.

Powercon has delivered practically every known Transformer Rectifier configuration used in medium and high power application such as:

a 6 / 12 / 24 pulse rectifiers for reduced harmonics and ripple.
Air / Oil or Water Cooling options.
SCR (Thyristor) or IGBT (Chopper) configurations.
Variety of transformer configurations.

Powercon can recommend the best possible configuration based on an analysis of customer requirement specification.

Powercon also offers Kraft's "Flex Kraft" range of Modular Switch Mode Rectifier, to complete its range of Power supplies.

Powercon can offer a turnkey solution with supply and installation of Rectifiers, DC Busbar, Input HV / LV cables and Power Quality Solutions for Harmonic / Power Factor Improvement.

High Current Rectifiers for Metal Finishing Application
EU series Electroplating Rectifiers

For the quality conscious metal finisher, Powercon offers its highly rugged, EU series Rectifiers suitable for installation in Metal Finishing Environments. These rectifiers deliver constant current despite fluctuations in the main supply & plating conditions, thereby achieving metal savings through consistency in plating thickness.
If you are presently using conventional "Autotransformer" type Rectifiers, and would like to upgrade to solid state type,

see our document "Advantages of Solid State Electroplating Rectifiers over Autotransformer type Rectifiers".
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Flex Kraft

Powercon also offers the premium “ Flex Kraft” range of switch mode rectifiers from Kraft, Sweden Kraft, with Single output and Dual output options. Flex Kraft Rectifiers are extremely compact, modular and offer the highest efficiency in the class of equipment.

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OEM of Automatic Metal Finishing Lines
For the OEM of Automatic Metal finishing lines, Powercon offers its complete range of Metal finishing rectifiers as well as the modular, compact Flex Kraft range from Kraft. In addition, Powercon can be a potential partner to you as a supplier of turnkey Plating Line Electricals including supply and installation of :
DC Busbars from Rectifiers to Plating     tanks.
Input HV / LV cabling.
Powerfactor / Harmonic correction
Water cooling systems for rectifiers.
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  Battery Formation & Test Equipments

Powercon offers a complete range of Formation Rectifiers for the Battery Manufacturing Industry. Our Rectifiers are used world over by manufacturers of Flooded Lead Acid & VRLA batteries, Telecom / Traction Cells and other Battery Technologies.

All Rectifiers are IC-controllable, and the comprehensive POWERFORM software enables the user to maximize productivity and minimize energy consumption through its inbuilt program library, monitoring and data collection / analysis


Powercon also has a range of Production Line Testing & Laboratory Testing Equipment for Battery Manufacturers.
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  Electrochemical Application
Powercon has been supplying rectifiers used in various electrochemical applications such as Hydrogen generator, Chlorination, Water Treatment, Electro winning of metals, Chloro-alkali electrolysis, Polarization Rectifiers, Coating processes, etc.

Powercon can supply rectifiers in variety of configuration such as :-
6 pulse / 12 pulse / other pulse      configuration.
Air / Oil or Water Cooling.
Primary controlled as secondary controlled
Variety of transformer connnections such as delta / star, extended delta, zig-zag etc.

Powercon can suggest the best possible configuration based on customer performance requirments.
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  High Current Rectifier for Special Applications
Powercon is capable of supplyng rectifiers with specialized needs as per customer specification such as
a Rectifiers for MIL Grade duty
For on-board vehicles / ships / aircraft / train installation
Rectifiers for use in acute temperature range such as between -400c to +600c
Rectifiers for outoor duty IP54 to IP66.

Due to the wide variety of Rectifiers and Power Supplies we have in our range, Powercon can study your special requirement or application and recommend the best possible configuration.

  Contact Powercon directly for specific requirements.

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Battery Formation & Test Equipments
Rectifiers for Electrochemical Process
Rectifiers For OEM of Metal Finishing Equipments
Metal Finishing Rectifiers for End Users
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