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  High Voltage Rectifiers For Electro Static Precipitators  
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  High Voltage Rectifiers
- Powercon "SPARC" Controller
- Kraft Mk lll Controller
- Retrofit
High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Sets For Electro Static Precipitators
Powercon Transformer Rectifier Sets for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are industrial workhorses suitable for installation in Power, Cement, Chemical, Paper and Steel Industries. Our state of the art Digital Controller "SPARC" delivers high performance through continuous optimization of the TR set operating parameters.
Powercon ensures high product quality and finish by means of stringent Quality Control Processes of the Materials and Assemblies used to build the TR set.
The finished product undergoes 100% factory acceptance tests prior to dispatch.
  TR +CC
The Transformer Rectifier ( TR ) is an IP55 oil cooled Assembly suitable for outdoor installation. The TR is designed with a conservative temperature rise and is provided with special surface treatment for extended life in ESP rooftop environments. Operating parameters and Diagnostics are conveyed to the operator through the Control Cabinet, a standard and user friendly interface for quick site deployment.
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  Powercon "SPARC" Controller

'SPARC' is Powercon's micro controller based automatic controller for TRCCs. It regulates the output, monitors spark and arc conditions, back corona, etc. and optimizes the input electric power to ESP using charge ratio control.

The controller has several control and diagnostic features applicable for ESP environments.

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  Kraft Mk lll Controller
Micro Kraft, is Kraft's flagship controller that enables optimum control of electrostatic precipitators.

Micro Kraft is a modern system for controlling the power supply to electrostatic precipitators. It is user friendly and has a logical menu structure. The illuminated display is easy to read and understand.
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Powercon offers the service of supplying the Control Cabinet with or without Controller for Retrofit into existing TR installations. The Cabinet and the Controller can be supplied to suit TRs of any make.

For further information , contact Powercon.
Kraft MK lll Controller
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