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  KRAFT & POWERCON As An Integrated Partner To You  
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Powercon has recently acquired the business of Kraftelektronik AB Sweden (Kraft), together with Kraft's subsidaries in China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  

Through this acquisition, Powercon and Kraft have entered into a strategic relationship, to bring significantly better value to its partners – Customers, Suppliers, Employees & Shareholders of the integrated company.

This note strives to explain the background of Powercon, what it seeks to achieve through this relationship with Kraft and what the two companies together hope to bring to its partners.

With the exponential growth in the Asian markets and the resultant opportunity, Powercon is increasingly exploring global markets. The relationship with Kraft is expected to propel the integrated entity into a global leader in Rectifiers and Power Conversion Equipment in the coming years.
  The Objectives Of The Relationship  
  The objective of this relationship is more strategic rather than financial – the relationship is not cost centric but driven by:  
The ability of the integrated entity to deliver a “complete products and services package” to its customers by combining the product ranges and service capabilities of the individual companies.
The ability to integrate research and development capabilities of the individual companies from both  a cost perspective and from a time perspective to be able to bring new products to markets much earlier and at a lower cost than what would have been possible otherwise.
The ability to use the global market presence of Kraft and Powercon in Sweden, India, UK, Hong Kong,Taiwan and China, together with their trade partners worldwide, to address a geographically wider market for the combined product range.
The ability to manage costs through sourcing of components and sub assemblies globally.
High Voltage TRCC units for ESP applications and High Current Rectifiers continue to be the principal focus of Kraft and Powercon. In addition, over the next 3 – 5 years, the Company plans to broaden its outlook further into the power conversion industry through the supply of power quality solutions and power conversion systems for rail transportation and for alternative energy.
Our Relationship With You

Powercon and Kraft consider their relationship with you to be extremely important, and seek your active support in helping us to be better partners to you. Through the synergies described above, we hope to bring you more value than ever before and are committed to strengthening our relationship with you.



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